Named Endowments

For many decades, Blake alumni, parents, guardians and friends have shown their generosity, commitment and loyalty by establishing named endowments. An endowment is held in perpetuity and invested with the return on the investment providing a constant source of income for the activities designated by the donor. Endowments benefit the entire Blake community today and in the future. We are grateful to those who have established and contributed to the more than 100 named endowments. This list recognizes named endowments supporting financial assistance, programs and initiatives at The Blake School.

To learn about establishing or contributing to a named endowment, please call Rebecca Schubring at 952-988-3432.

The Abraham Family Endowment for Global Programs
Martha and H. B. Atwater, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Latif Baig Faculty Excellence Endowment
Chub Bettels Endowed Scholarship
Blake Class of 1947 Scholar Endowment
Blake Class of 1958 Endowment
Blake Class of 1971 Access to Excellence Endowment
Beatrice 'Bea' Blodgett Endowed Scholarship
Beatrice 'Bea' Blodgett Endowed Teaching Chair
Body Image Curriculum Endowment
Glenn S. and Jean C. Brooks Family Endowed Scholarship
Dan Carland Endowed Scholarship
Class of 1975 Endowed Scholarship
Class of 1981 Endowed Scholarship
Class of 1984 Endowed Scholarship
Russell Cowles II Endowed Scholarship
Thomas M. Crosby Endowment for Faculty Improvement
Curriculum Acceleration Endowment
Curriculum Acceleration Endowment - Civil Discourse Program
Mary Lee Dayton Endowment
Deignan Family Endowed Scholarship
Jack Edie World Citizenship Endowment
Faculty Appreciation Curriculum Support Endowment established by David C. Zalk, Blake '66
Faculty Coaching/Extracurricular Endowment
Faculty Development Greatest Need Endowment
Faculty Excellence Endowment
Financial Aid Endowment
Financial Assistance Endowed Stipend
Matthew Fitzmaurice Endowed Scholarship
The Edward E. Ford Foundation Faculty Development Endowment
Barbara Forster Endowed Scholarship
Noah Foss Endowed Scholarship
Alice Bean Fraser Endowed Scholarship
Gage Family Endowed Scholarship
General Mills Foundation Program Development Endowed Scholarship
Merrill ‘Nick’ H. Gibbs, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Earle and Pauline Gillette Family Endowed Scholarship
The David Golden Family Endowment
Graduate Degree Program Endowment
John Gulla Endowment for Access
John Gulla Endowment for Excellence
Martin Lenz Harrison International Travel Memorial Endowment
Henry W. Hart Endowment
John M. and Lucy B. Hartwell LearningWorks Endowment
Hawley Family Endowed Scholarship
Maurice H. and Florence N. Hersh Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Higgins Family Global Education Endowment
Russ Hilliard Endowment
Robbin S. & B. Kristine Johnson Endowed Scholarship
Thomas P. Johnstone Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Seth Karon Memorial Endowment
George Deere Krogness Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Learning Support General Endowment
LearningWorks Endowment
Lyon History Endowment
Whitney and Elizabeth MacMillan Position Supporting Access to Excellence Endowment
Whitney and Elizabeth MacMillan Student Endowed Scholarship
Whitney and Elizabeth MacMillan Student Access to Overseas Travel Endowment
Whitney and Elizabeth MacMillan Teacher Advancement Endowment for Off-Site Professional Development
Whitney MacMillan, Jr. Endowed Chair
Betty Mathews Endowed Scholarship
Helen Lawrence Maxfield Endowed Scholarship
McGuire Visiting Artist Endowment
Heidi 'Maggie' Mithun Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Mary Heffelfinger Morrison Endowed Scholarship
Timothy E. Morsman Access to Excellence Endowment
Mortenson Endowment for Education
Northrop and Blake Classes of 1955 Speakers Endowment
Northrop Class of 1963 Memorial Endowment (formerly Dyar)
Northrop Class of 1965 Endowed Scholarship
Thomas Edwin Oakes Endowed Scholarship
Rasmussen & O'Connell Family ('ROC') Endowed Scholarship
Philip Otis Environmental Author Endowed Scholarship
Philip Otis Endowed Scholarship
Nan Peterson Service Learning Legacy Endowment
Phillips Family Endowed Scholarship
David T. Purtilo Endowed Scholarship
Ryan Robinson Memorial Endowment
Robotics Endowment
William C. and Marilyn M. Ryerse Endowed Scholarship
Arthur William Saunders III Endowed Scholarship
Margaret "Peggy" Atwood Schuster Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Service Learning Endowment
Albert I. & Nathan C. Shapira Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship
Albert M. Sheldon, Jr. Minority Endowed Scholarship
The Shillings Family Endowed Scholarship for Service and Community Engagement
Annette Campbell Smith & Margery Campbell Armstrong Endowed Scholarship
Annette Campbell Smith Financial Assistance Stipend Endowment
Loring Staples, Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Anne Stavney Endowed Scholarship
Steiner Endowment for Faculty
Steiner Family Lecture Series Endowment
Steiner Endowed Scholarship
Ruth Bovey Stevens Endowed Scholarship
Teacher Leadership Program Endowment
James R. Thorpe Endowment
Tutterow Faculty Enrichment Endowment (Lower School)
Richard H. Vaughan Academic Endowed Scholarship
John Deere Velie II Endowed Scholarship
Wanner Endowment for Innovation and Educational Challenge
Wert Family Endowment for Differentiated Instruction
Elizabeth F. Weyerhaeuser Endowed Scholarship
Dwight Carlton Williams Endowed Scholarship
Stephan Larson Wolf Memorial Financial Assistance Endowment