Global Progams

Blake offers for-credit global immersion opportunities to students in the Upper School. These experiences, which range from one to three weeks, include pre- and post-travel classes, homestays and/or community service, and student-led cumulative research presentations and reflections. Director of Global Programs Dion Crushshon '88 and Blake faculty lead the courses.

2023-24 Blake Global Programs

The US-Mexico Border • October 18-23
This short program explores the complicated realities of US-Mexico relations and responses to Central American immigrants and asylum seekers. A former program participant writes, "The physical and linguistic barriers that often exist between Mexico and the United States--as well as the mental ones we have constructed out of fear, misinformation, and stereotype--do not have to confine or define us as individuals or as a nation. We might not be able to tear down the wall with our bare hands, but we can still reach across it."

Williamson, West Virginia • March 16- 23
This is an experience for students interested in medicine, nursing, global or public health, behavioral health, pharmacy, biomedical engineering, dentistry or other health occupations. Students work with local healthcare professionals to provide adult, adolescent, and pediatric aid in a small town deep in the Appalachian mountains. Patients are primarily uninsured or covered by federal programs and face barriers to accessing care. Activities include educational programming with local schools, home visits and assisting at a clinic.

Rwanda • June 16-July 6
This program includes two weeks of classes and coursework and three weeks of immersion, including an extended stay in the capital city of Kigali where students learn about the history and legacy of the Rwandan genocide. Students visit parliament and meet political leaders, stay in a village to volunteer at a pre-school, and go on a short safari. This is a graded course experience for which students earn credit toward graduation. It includes approximately sixty hours of class time, pre- and post-travel.

  • Class dates: June 10-14 and July 8-12
  • Travel dates: June 16-July 6

Taiwan • June 16-July 6
This program includes two weeks of coursework and three weeks of immersion. In Taiwan, the group will visit the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Longshan Temple and the National Palace Museum, as well as hike in Yangmingshan National Park, ride the Maokong Gondola, and visit the mountain town of Jiufen. Two different 5-7 day home stays provide students with a sense of the rich culture and daily realities of the Taiwanese people. This experience includes approximately sixty hours of class time, pre- and post-travel.

  • Class dates: June 10-14 and July 8-12
  • Travel dates: June 16-July 6

I created relationships with the others on the trip that I wouldn’t have made otherwise. Whether it was through sharing music on bus rides, trying new foods together, or discussing with each other after moving experiences, we quickly bonded as a group. Being in such historical locations helped the information we learned feel more relevant and resonate. Blake Junior

Student-Created Videos of Blake Global Programs

As an aspiring nuclear engineer, I have always been passionate about tackling climate change through engineering solutions and public advocacy. Seeing a country adapt and build upon geothermal energy is only something you can experience by traveling to Iceland, as it is impossible for most places in the world to efficiently utilize volcanic energy. These experiences open up a world of opportunity and creative thinking, and they allow us to explore things we may never thought to be possible here in Minneapolis.Blake Senior

Study Away

Semester- and year-long international study takes students to countries as diverse as Switzerland, China, France, Italy, Spain, Vietnam and Japan. Study-away programs include the School for Ethics and Global Leadership in Washington, D.C., High Mountain Institute in Colorado, the Alzar School in Idaho and Patagonia or School Year Abroad in France, China, Italy and Spain.

I'd never been abroad before, let alone abroad without parents, and aside from a great experience, this trip gave me newfound confidence in my independence. Furthermore, I grew so passionate about the subjects we studied that I am now planning on pursuing food systems sustainability and global health in my post-graduate education.Blake Senior

Global Online Academy

Blake is part of Global Online Academy, a consortium of schools that connects students and teachers to offer rigorous courses, including Digital Journalism, Bioethics, and International Macroeconomics – to name just a few. For a complete listing, see Global Online Academy's Course Catalog.

My time in Ecuador was nothing short of a whole new experience for me, as I got to try foods I've never tried before, see amazing mountains and nature, and also learn a lot of new things along the way. As I look back, I see that this trip taught me how we, as humans, are all really the same in the end. 9th Grader