Q: Is LearningWorks funded by The Blake School or Minneapolis Public Schools?

A: The Minneapolis Public Schools and Blake both provide in-kind donations to the annual operating budget. Minneapolis Public Schools provide lunches during the summer and transportation to the program year-round. The Blake School provides program space, administrative support, and serves as a non-profit fiscal agent. All funds are passed through Blake's 501(c)(3) status, but are solely allocated to LearningWorks.

Q: Does LearningWorks recruit students for The Blake School?

A: No. LearningWorks is a partner with Minneapolis Public Schools. On average more than 80% of our LearningWorks alumni enroll in college preparatory track high school programs in Minneapolis Public Schools. While some LearningWorks students elect to attend Blake, the vast majority do not.

Q: Can I teach at LearningWorks?

A: If you are interested in teaching at LearningWorks, please check out the Teaching Internships section of this website. We're delighted that you want to join us.

Q: How are LearningWorks students selected?

A: Applicants are highly motivated 6th grade students enrolled in Minneapolis Public Schools who want to play an active role in their academic future. In selecting students, LearningWorks strives to create an inclusive community that represents many of the socioeconomic, cultural, lingual, and ethnic backgrounds in Minneapolis. LearningWorks students must have a desire to learn, to try new things, and to have fun. LearningWorks students have a strong desire to achieve academically and to be leaders—preparing themselves for challenging high schools and colleges.

Q: How can I get involved? How can I get my group/company involved?

A: The success of LearningWorks is greatly reliant upon the support of volunteers and donors to the program. Information about volunteering and donations can be found under Support LW.

Q: What does "students teaching students" mean?

A: Talented high school and college students teach all of LearningWorks' challenging classes under the guidance of licensed Mentor Teachers. The young teachers are excited to teach, and the students are excited to learn from high school and college students who make great mentors and role models. People at LearningWorks are here to learn, to challenge their mind, and to have fun.
511 Kenwood Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 55403
LearningWorks is a unique public-private partnership between Minneapolis Public Schools and The Blake School.
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