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Martha & H.B. Atwater, Jr. Scholarship Fund
The long association of the Atwater family and The Blake School spans four generations--from Eleanor Cook Atwater, who attended Northrop Collegiate School in the 1920's to her five great-grandchildren currently enrolled at Blake. Nearly every decade of the school's centennial has seen a member of the Atwater family in attendance.

Established in 1999 by Martha and H. Brewster Atwater, Jr, this scholarship fund honors Eleanor and Brewster Atwater. This endowed fund provides scholarships to middle income students who would not otherwise have a scholarship available to them. The individual scholarship awards are to account for no more than 50% of the recipient's tuition and program expenses at Blake.

Chub Bettels Scholarship Fund
Chub Bettels, a beloved Blake coach and teacher, believed that athletics play an important role in the lives of students. He valued, and worked to instill, sportsmanship, honor, pride, and dedication in all athletes. He also motivated young athletes to achieve their full potential. Upon Coach Bettels death, members from his former track teams joined forces to carry on Chub's work of encouraging young people.

Established in 1992 to honor Chub, the Chub Bettels Scholarship Fund has become the largest multi-donor fund at Blake. The fund benefits students with financial need at The Blake School. The fund supports four designated Bettels Scholar, two students each in their junior and senior years. The recipients are Upper School student athletes who exhibit the traits and values that Chub encouraged and taught -- honesty, pride, leadership, and being a participant rather than a spectator in both academics and athletics.

Blake Class of 1947 Scholarship Fund
As their 50-year reunion approached, the Blake Class of 1947 "dug deep" and combined their financial resources to endow the first class-designated scholarship at Blake. The fund was the brainchild of George Selover, who suggested he and his classmates give something meaningful back to the school that had given them so much.

Bea Blodgett Scholarship Fund
The Beatrice Blodgett Scholarship Fund was established in 1973 through an anonymous gift from a Northrop alumna and her husband. The objective of the Blodgett Fund is to support a student's attendance at Northrop Collegiate School and at the combined school formed by the merger of Northrop, Blake and Highcroft. The creators of the Blodgett Fund wish to remain anonymous so that the fund will keep the memory of Bea Blodgett alive--and so that other friends of the school will feel welcome to add to the fund.

Noah Foss Scholarship Fund
The date of June 13, 1954 was declared Noah Foss Day. The estimable Latin master had recently retired from Blake School after 42 years of service. Over 800 people attended a celebration to honor Noah Foss--trustees, faculty, parents, alumni and students of two generations. Foss wrote, "As I view the tapestry of my life...each of you has contributed a thread which has combined and blended with other threads to form a harmonious web which I shall always be happy to contemplate."

The community united in a more tangible manner as well. The many friends and colleagues of Noah Foss came together to create the Foss Scholarship Fund. The initial funding of the Foss Scholarship was $11,500--a significant amount for 1954. It is a fitting tribute for a man who epitomized the early years of Blake School; as long as the school lasts, some student will benefit from Noah Foss' legacy.

Merrill "Nick" H. Gibbs, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Born on December 25, Merrill Gibbs soon earned the moniker of Nick from all who knew him. A graduate of the Blake Class of 1950, Nick and his family have had a long affiliation with the predecessor schools of Blake. His mother Kate Velie Gibbs hails from the Northrop Class of 1928 and both his sisters attended Northrop as well--Marjorie Gibbs Japy '48 and Pamela Gibbs Bacon '55. The Gibbs Fund was established to honor the memory of Nick Gibbs.

The Gibbs Scholarship Fund allows The Blake School to maintain its margin of excellence by providing financial aid to eligible students who could not otherwise afford this opportunity.

Earle & Pauline Gillette Family Fund
Established in 1993, this gift is in memory of Earle P. Gillette, Blake Class of 1917, and Pauline McCarthy Gillette, Northrop Class of 1922. Just as their parents made it possible for them to attend and thrive at Blake's predecessor schools as scholarship students, Peter Gillette and Anne Gillette Briggin have ensured the same path for deserving Blake students in the coming generations.

The Gillette Family Scholarship Fund allows The Blake School to maintain its margin of excellence by providing financial aid to eligible students who could not otherwise afford this opportunity.

Maurice H. & Florence N. Hersh Memorial Scholarship Fund
Burton Hersh is an award-winning author and a graduate of the Blake Class of 1951. After a degree from Harvard, a Fulbright Scholarship and a military stint in Germany, Hersh made his way to New York and a career as a freelance writer for top periodicals. Since 1968, he has published six books, both novels and non-fiction. On the occasion of his 50th reunion in 2001, Mr. Hersh made a generous gift to his alma mater in honor of his parents.

Robbin S. & B. Kristine Johnson Scholarship Fund
Grateful for the educational opportunities and athletic challenges offered to their daughters at Blake, Robb and Kris Johnson chose to do something significant in the connection with the Centennial Campaign. Through their generous gift they are supporting scholarships and outreach programs that help make Blake more accessible to all income ranges, including middle class families.

Thomas P. Johnstone Scholarship Fund
Upon her death in 1996, The Blake School received a generous bequest from the estate of Carole Anne Johnstone to create an endowed scholarship fund. The Thomas Price Johnstone Scholarship Fund honors the memory of her late son, who died during his sophomore year in 1994.

Maggie Mithun Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 1992, this gift is in memory of Heidi Margaret Mithun. At the time of her death, Maggie had just completed her freshman year at The Blake School. The Maggie Mithun Fund has ensured an educational opportunity for deserving Blake students for generations to come.

The Mithun Fund allows The Blake School to increase the number of scholarships available to qualified students who could not otherwise afford this opportunity.

Philip Otis Scholarship Fund
This fund, established in 1995 to honor the memory of Phil Otis, allows The Blake School to maintain its margin of excellence by providing financial aid on an annual basis to eligible students who could not otherwise afford this opportunity.

A graduate of the Blake Class of 1991, Phil was an outgoing student who made the most of his educational opportunities at Blake. Through this generous gift from the Valspar Foundation, many new students continue to enjoy those same opportunities at Phil's alma mater.

David T. Purtilo Scholarship Fund
Dr. David Purtilo was keenly interested in youth and education. He was impressed with The Blake School's commitment to excellence in the development of intelligence and independent thinking. As a lasting tribute to her late husband, Dr. Sandra Hanson made a gift to The Blake School to create the David T. Purtilo Scholarship Fund.

Ruth Bovey Stevens Scholarship Fund
As the daughter of the first President of Blake's Board of Trustees and an early advocate of equal education opportunities for girls, Ruth Bovey Stevens' life was as rich and varied as that of The Blake School. Ruth graduated from the Northrop Collegiate School in 1920. All four of her children attended Northrop or Blake. Her five grandchildren witnessed the merger of these schools.

In 1991, Ruth Bovey Stevens made a generous gift to the institution that had been so central in her family's life. The Bovey Stevens Scholarship allows The Blake School to maintain its margin of excellence by providing financial aid on an annual basis for an eligible student who could not otherwise afford this opportunity.

John Deere Velie II Scholarship Fund
The Velie family has a long and continuing relationship with The Blake School. John Deere Velie II attended Blake School with the Class of 1960. At the time of his death in 1963, John's parents, Elizabeth and Charles K. Velie, Sr. established the Velie Scholarship Fund to honor their son's memory.

Dwight Carlton Williams Scholarship Fund
In 1963, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Williams and family established a memorial scholarship at Blake School to honor their son, Dwight Carlton Williams. Dwight graduated from Blake in 1942, briefly attended Harvard and then joined the war effort in Europe. He was killed in action in Italy on April 30, 1945, shortly before the end of World War II.

The annual income from the Williams Scholarship is to be awarded by the faculty of Blake to assist boys of outstanding ability who otherwise might not be able to secure the advantage of a Blake education. The memorial scholarship perpetuates Dwight's memory and will, perhaps, provide inspiration to the recipients as they study at Blake in the years to come.

Mary Beard Wood Scholarship Fund
Established in 1993, this gift is in memory of Dr. Archibald H. Beard and Mrs. Amelia Beard Fowle. Just as her parents made it possible for her to attend and thrive at Northrop Collegiate School as a scholarship student, Mary Beard Wood has ensured the same path for future generations of deserving Blake students.

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