Global Programs

Helping students become global citizens is integral to Blake's mission. With this objective in mind, we offer an array of programs to develop:

  • cultural competence;
  • awareness of global issues;
  • facility in other languages; and
  • social conscience.

Some of these programs provide an opportunity to travel abroad for weeks or months. Others involve travel within the United States and foster connections with local immigrant communities. Each of our diverse programs helps students learn to communicate across cultural boundaries. For more information, contact our Director of International and Off-Campus Programs, Dion Crushshon, at 952-988-3782 or

History Of Global Programs

Since the inception of our study-abroad programs in the 1970s, Blake's vision of global citizenship has evolved to become broader and more comprehensive. Early on, travel opportunities focused primarily on language study as students and faculty toured locations in France, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Spain and Mexico. This focus continued throughout the 1970s and 1980s and into the 1990s.

Our students remain passionate about foreign language study—but international travel at Blake has come to encompass much more. The early 2000s saw a shift to travel opportunities focused on broader cultural studies. In 2003, Blake students embarked on the first London Theater trip. Several groups of students repeated this rewarding experience over the next few years that followed. That same year, other students traveled to Cuernevaca, Mexico on a cultural-immersion trip—another popular program that continued in subsequent years. In 2006, Blake created the Director of International and Off-Campus Programs position, and global programs expanded still further.

Since the late 2000s, our global programs have increasingly emphasized service abroad. Service trips have taken our students to countries as diverse as Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Brazil, Peru, and Kenya. Blake has also organized three Insight Trips to Sierra Leone.

Ongoing exchange programs have established connections across the globe with students and faculty at the Cedar House School in Capetown, South Africa and the Lawrence School in Sanawar, India. Still other programs—such as a 2012 science trip to the Galapagos Islands—have focused on academic disciplines outside of language study.

Personal challenge, curriculum enrichment, language and cultural study, service, school-to-school exchange—Blake's international programs provide opportunities for each of these things. They continue to evolve and help our students become citizens of the world.

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