Thursday, Jan. 21
7:30–8:30am CT
Virtual Webinar

Cassidy Blackwell ’02

Cassidy Blackwell '02 is director of international communications at Airbnb. This is her third role with Airbnb, having previously served as director of global editorial, communication and  director of strategic projects, public affairs.

She was formerly the brand marketing lead at Walker & Company Brands, the Palo Alto, California-based startup behind Bevel, a shaving system geared toward people of color. Blackwell's work was most visible on Bevel Code, Walker & Co.'s slick grooming-and-fashion website, which functions like a full-blown lifestyle magazine. Her team of writers, photographers and videographers created rich stories that readers are unlikely to find elsewhere, including profiles of the personal barbers who lower the ears of President Obama, Kanye West and Jay Z. (These were written by Blackwell herself.) Blackwell had development roles in Walker & Co.'s product launches. She was the architect behind a poignant video that introduced the Bevel Trimmer (which featured rapper and Walker & Co. investor Nas and was viewed 1 million times in less than a month). She also developed the concept and products for the company's women-focused brand.

Before joining Walker & Co., Blackwell was social media manager for the personal-shopping service Stitch Fix and was global editor for Texture Media, a network of hair care-driven blogs and e-commerce platforms.

In her Breakfast at Blake presentation, Blackwell shared thoughts on "Sourcing Authenticity: Aligning the Personal and Professional Through Purpose." She discussed her journey of rooting into her values to take the road less traveled into the tech and travel industry.