Alumni at Golden Bears luncheon
Alumni at Holiday Party
Alumni at Holiday Party
Alumni at Holiday Party
Alumni at Holiday Party


Welcome, Blake Alumni!

Imagine receiving an invitation to attend a live performance by an accomplished opera singer, plant seeds on a beautiful spring day to support a local nonprofit, or compete in a Zoom trivia game featuring questions from Mr. Anderson and Mrs. Woolman.  

Good news! As a Blake alum, you have a standing invitation to attend these events and more.  

The above are all recent examples of activities the Blake Alumni Board hosted and to which you, as an alum, were invited. Our Breakfast at Blake series featured alumni giving a live opera performance and a violin concert and discussing their careers in cinematography, heart surgery and art collecting. Our 2023 Alumni Service Day supported Appetite for Change, a North Minneapolis-based nonprofit co-founded by a Blake alumna. Our last online trivia game was like being back in high school but (thankfully) was not graded.

If you are a Blake alum anywhere in the world who attended The Blake School, Blake, Northrop or Highcroft, you have automatic access to these and other fun, free, interesting and inspiring activities. Join us to re-connect, learn from and become newly acquainted with fellow alumni. 

For local Twin Cities alumni, we continue to host in-person events such as Alumni Party on the Terrace, school- and class-hosted reunion activities, the Alumni Holiday Party and Alumni Service Day. For out-of-town alumni or anyone not able to attend events in person, we offer many virtual ways to connect such as Breakfast At Blake (livestreamed with recordings on YouTube) and our Zoom Holiday Party, which past and present Blake teachers are also able to attend. 

Whether you have maintained an on-going tie to Blake or are seeking to get reacquainted, we welcome you. To be sure you are on our email list for future activities or with any questions about how to get involved, please contact Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement Jon Friedell ʼ85, Pʼ28 at Also, our alumni Facebook feed and links to Blake's other social media accounts are in the right column.

Please join us!

Melissa Allen ʼ82, President
Aren Faruq '96, Vice President

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Beginning this year, the two events will take place on separate days: Friday, Sept. 8 (Convocation) and Friday, April 12 (Legacy Day). All students, faculty and staff are expected to fully participate on both days. 

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