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Retiree Tribute: Paula Huddy

Blake community members were invited to share their memories, thanks and best wishes with this year's retirees including Highcroft campus teacher librarian Paula Huddy, who has served at Blake for 26 years.

"Ms. Huddy did such a great job of getting the kids excited about reading. My daughter loved the genre bingo and enjoyed books she otherwise wouldn't have chosen so she could play the game. She loved going to the library and doing book clubs with her friends. Best wishes in your retirement!" —current parent

"Few people define an institution like Paula Huddy does for the Highcroft library. I'm glad my older son got to develop a love of books under her tenure. As a kindergartner, he volunteered me to help in the library. I worried it would feel like a heavy obligation, but those worries quickly went away when I saw the wonderful, child-centered environment Paula created for the students of Highcroft. It made me want to help more in the same way it has undoubtedly made generations of children want to read more. As someone who attended the school in its early years as Highcroft Country Day school, went to high school during the Northrop merger and later returned to manage and mold one of its important gems, she is both an asset and an institutional memory that can never be replaced. I'm sure the next librarian will be excellent, however, I am happy I got to see what this library was like under Ms Huddy. It gives us all a high standard to aim for." —current parent

"Mrs. Huddy, simply put, is one of the nicest and best people that I came across during my time at Blake. I had a tough time in fourth grade, and Mrs. Huddy was there for me like nobody else could be. During my fourth grade year, I began to develop anxiety that would lead to me spending a lot of time in the nurse's office. However, as soon as Mrs. Huddy found out what was going on with me, she told me that whenever I felt scared, I could come to her. When my anxiety would overcome me, I knew that I could always retreat to the library. Mrs. Huddy not only created a safe space for me to share how I was feeling but made sure that I knew I was cared about and everything was going to be okay. I will never forget what she did for me during that school year. She calmed me down, made me feel brave and never turned me away. I have never had the opportunity to properly thank her, but I have never forgotten her support during that year. I still think of the stories she told me (to get my mind off of things), and I always remember how much she truly cared. I am forever grateful for her. Thank you Mrs. Huddy for everything." — alumna, class of 2010

"Ms. Huddy, Thank you for instilling the love of reading and the art of research in both of my boys. Your library held a sense of wonder and fascination. Memories of your read-aloud story time, "right fit" book discovery and Lights Out in the Library were among their favorite Lower School times. The honor books remain a source of pride. We are so lucky to have had your stewardship in their lives. Thank you." —current parent