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Blake Spirit Song Contest

Show your Blake pride by writing a song or chant for athletic and school events. This contest, organized by the Blake Bearisters parent group, is open to anyone in the Blake community. Entries due Monday, April 15.

Questions and submissions can be sent to Parent Association member and Blake Bearister Melissa Crow at


  • Simple lyrics that show school spirit and are appropriate for a PK-12 community
  • High energy, positive and celebratory
  • Include the name of the school
  • Use 8 or fewer tones (within an octave) that can be easily sung by anyone
  • Approximately 15-20 seconds
  • Music and lyrics must be original but can be inspired by other fight songs


  • Song could include a chant or repeated lyrics
  • Individual or group submissions welcome
  • Submissions evaluated anonymously by a committee of Blake community members
  • Head of School Anne Stavney makes the final selection
  • Prize for winner is the glory of having your song become a part of Blake tradition

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