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Blake Global Programs Introduces Climate Neutral Initiative

This year, students traveling on Blake's global immersion trips are encouraged to opt-in on the following climate neutralizing initiative:

Blake Global Programs Climate Neutral Initiative
While we firmly believe in the educational value of international travel, we are also fully aware of the externalities incurred in the form of carbon emissions every time we travel. Without a doubt international travel has a cost beyond that which we pay to the airlines. It is our ambitious goal to offset 100 percent of the harmful greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our international travel programs. To this end we have identified verified carbon offset options that you may consider purchasing in order to support projects that prevent or remove greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.

Students on this year's spring break trip to the Dominican Republic are calculated to leave a carbon footprint of 2.32 metric tons of CO2 (1.16 metric tons of CO2 for each way). They were asked explore options for carbon offsets (here and here) and encouraged to participate. Global Programs Director Dion Crushshon says he hopes the program will be formalized next year as a built-in component of Blake's immersion trips.