Every year, Breakthrough Minneapolis at Blake (BMB) teaching fellows select a theme—one that grounds us throughout the year. This summer, the teaching fellows chose CAMBIO, a Spanish word that means change. Change is what we saw during our summer 2023 program as both teaching faculty and students filled the halls of Blake’s Northrop campus.

The weight of the last few years seemed to lift, and we consistently saw energetic students and teaching fellows excited to learn and grow. We saw change in the smiles and laughter throughout the building and in the amazing progress students made academically over the six-week summer program.

85% of students improved reading skills and 61% improved math skills.

Another mark of our success is the positive experience of our students. P.W., current eighth grader and second-year BMB student remarked: “Breakthrough is a program that values community and as a student here, it is very clear. I finally feel accepted and wanted in an academic space.”

More change came in our ability to return to field trips that enhance students’ learning. For instance:

  • Rising ninth graders took the first overnight trip since 2019. They went to YMCA’s Camp Ihduhapi where they furthered their leadership skills and lived the BMB norm “Challenge By Choice” as they worked through ropes and climbing courses.
  • And as the school year program began, field trips continued with college tours at Macalester College and University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Overall, the year of change—CAMBIO—is off to a great start. We can’t wait to see what is next.