At Breakthrough Minneapolis at Blake (BMB), we are excited to kick off this new segment, “My Breakthrough Why,” with longtime BMB and Blake champion and supporter Susan Horovitz.

Susan Horovitz

As a former teacher, administrator and Blake Board trustee, I am proud to say I have been part of the Breakthrough Minneapolis story since its inception back in the late ʼ90s. If you ask me why I remain so passionate and committed to BMB, the answer is easy—it’s the best educational program I’ve seen in 55 years.

The program combines the best in student support, ensuring Minneapolis’ best and brightest have a clear and unobstructed path to college and in teacher and leadership training so future teachers in our state are prepared to develop the next generation of young people to do the same.

As a Blake community member, I am proud of our school for its long-standing commitment to this great program as it is a real life example of pluralism in action. And as a donor, the outcomes are clear—this program makes a difference, and the feeling of helping to maintain the program is very satisfying.

If you are interested in sharing your “Breakthrough Why,” please contact BMB Executive Director Tricia Crossman at