Welcome Current Breakthrough Minneapolis at Blake Students and Families!

We are committed to offering you the best programming possible during your middle and early high school years to help set you on the path to college.

Our Commitment to You

  • Three years of tuition-free academic enrichment - more than 500 hours of support.
  • Free student transportation to and from our program during both the summer and school year program; free breakfast and lunch during the summer, and free snacks during the school year.
  • The “students-teaching-students" model, meaning all of your teachers will be high school or college students who are also on the path to college, just like you.
  • Small class sizes (9-12 students).
  • Fun, student-centered learning.
  • Respect for individual talents and learning styles.
  • Classes in math, science and humanities.
  • Activities that include theater, music, art and athletics.
  • The best support we can offer to help keep you on the path to college, even after you graduate from our program – we won't consider our job done until you earn a college degree.

Your Commitment to Us

  • Being a part of Breakthrough Minneapolis at Blake for at least 3 years – six weeks during the summer, and up to 12 Saturdays during the school year program.
  • Perfect attendance, except in cases of illness or emergency.
  • Helping us create an intentional community where its "it's cool to be you, it's cool to be smart, and it's cool to care."