Financial Assistance Estimator

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Blake is committed to making the school accessible and affordable. This year, 340 students in grades PK-12 receive need-based financial assistance. The Admissions Office created the Financial Assistance Estimator to help families gauge their potential financial cost.

The Financial Assistance Estimator is a tool families can use to get a sense of their family contribution for the 2022-2023 school year. The estimator is not a calculator, and an actual financial aid award may not match the information provided. Many factors are taken into account when evaluating a family's financial need, such as age of parents, cost of living, family assets, and actual cost of other tuition-charging schools and are not taken into account by the estimator. The Financial Assistance Estimator is not a commitment on the part of the school to award financial aid.

Step 1: Grade Applicant will be entering in 2022-2023
Step 2: Income
Step 3: Number of Children

Using the data you have provided, we calculate a rough estimate of your annual tuition cost for one student. The actual financial aid application is more complex and could provide a different result. The most significant factor affecting an actual award is family assets which are not factored into this estimator. This estimator assumes no family assets. This estimator also assumes any additional child(ren) would attend Blake and enroll in the same division as the first child.

Please understand that your contribution noted below is not a promise of financial aid or acceptance.

Please fill out all above fields to see estimated tuition contribution.

If your family situation is not reflected in this estimator, please call Joe Silvestri, Director of Admissions and Financial Assistance, at 952-988-3422 for a personal conversation.