Ask a Student Ambassador

Thank you for exploring Blake for your family. We know many parents and students want to hear directly from current students about their experience at Blake. We encourage you to connect with a few of Blake’s Upper School Student Ambassadors listed below. Please read each ambassador’s short bio and submit a question (or two or three). They would be happy to hear from you!

All our best,
The Admissions Team and Upper School Admissions Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors


Grade Eleven
Joined Blake in Grade Six
Lives in Minneapolis

Academic interests: math, science
Co-curriculars: Community Service Board
Athletics: fencing, lacrosse

Grade Twelve
Joined Blake in Grade Seven
Lives in Minneapolis

Academic interest: science, history
Co-curriculars: Student Interview and Recommendation Committee, DECA
Athletics: tennis, lacrosse

Grade Twelve
Joined Blake in Grade Nine
Lives in Minnetonka

Academic interests: English, math
Co-curriculars: Student Diversity Leadership Council, Spectrum (school newspaper), Student Inter-Active Committee (SIAC)
Athletics: basketball, baseball