Admission Team

Thank you for considering Blake. Our goal is to create a personalized, warm and enjoyable experience for every family as they discover what their child can become at Blake. We invite you to schedule a campus tour, attend an admissions event or meet with us at your convenience. We can also connect you to current Blake parents and students. Their stories offer a candid and heartfelt sense of what the Blake experience could mean for you.

We are happy to answer any questions, so feel free to contact us at the emails and phone numbers below.

Joe Silvestri and Cyrus the bear

Joe Silvestri
Director of Admissions and Financial Assistance
School: (952) 988-3422
Mobile: (612) 437-5259
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Tony Andrade

Tony Andrade
Associate Director of Admissions
Gr 6-12 Admissions Coordinator
School: (952) 988-3424
Mobile: (612) 916-2046

Megan Duncan and Cyrus

Megan Duncan
Admissions Assistant, Tour Coordinator
School: (952) 988-3425
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Lynn Loew and Cyrus the  Bear

Lynn Loew
Assistant Director of Financial Assistance
Gr 2-5 Admissions Coordinator
School: (952) 988-3423
Mobile: (612) 368-5420
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Laura Mark and Cyrus the Bear

Laura Mark
Assistant Director of Admissions for Early Childhood Education
Gr Pre-K - 1
School: (952) 988-3570
Mobile: (612) 964-5866
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Kelly Wilder and Cyrus the Bear

Kelly Wilder
Admissions Database & Office Manager
School: (952) 988-3421
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Heather Falsani and Cyrus the bear on school bus

Heather Falsani
Admissions Outreach & Digital Content Manager
School: (952) 988-3428
Mobile: (651) 587-6318
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