Teaching Fellows

Who We Are

LearningWorks offers tuition-free academic support to a representative group of motivated, high potential middle school students from Minneapolis Public Schools. Our teachers are college students and high-school juniors and seniors who are passionate about education and enjoy working with young people.

What Does Teaching at LW Mean?

Teachers at LW get to do exactly that – TEACH! With the help of our Curriculum and Instruction Director and the support of our Instructional Coaches you'll get to plan your own six-week curriculum. As a teacher, you'll have the opportunity to teach a content and elective class, serve as an advisor, serve on a committee, and learn how to effectively measure and encourage student success.

When Do I Teach?

LW operates during the summer and school year. While some teachers work at LW year-round, most apply to work during one of these two times:

The Summer Program

The heart of LW is a 29-day academic enrichment, skill building, and leadership development program during the summer. Students participate in a range of academic and enrichment courses taught by aspiring teachers like you. We hire teachers for STEM and humanities. If you're interested in impacting the lives of 130 incredible young people while engaging the art of teaching, start your application today.

The School Year Program

LW also provides academic support and community building through teacher-designed academic workshops on 12 Saturday mornings between October and April. SYP is only open to LW alumni and Blake students. If you're interested in applying, contact the Curriculum and Instruction Director.

Our Curriculum

The LW curriculum is designed, and frequently refreshed, in consultation with teachers and administrators in MPS to reinforce essential skills and align with state standards. It includes courses in STEM and humanities, in addition to electives in arts and communications.