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Our Students
LW serves over 130 students, over 75 aspiring teachers, and provides continuing support to our alumni community of nearly 500 graduates. Our rigorous tuition-free programs delivers over 250 hours of additional academic instruction in a rigorous, dynamic, student-centered environment that led one LW student to say: “It's not just school; it's family!"

Our Teachers
True to our mission, LW serves 75 aspiring teachers a year. Our teachers develop their own lesson plans, serve as mentors, and dedicated their summers and weekends to fulfilling the LW mission. Teachers received over 250 hours of hands-on student interaction, participate in over 80 hours of training in best practice approaches, and offer countless high-fives to students and each other.

Our Results
75% of our aspiring teachers reported that they planned to pursue a career in education.
83% of LW alumni are enrolled in or have graduated from college.
99% of LW alumni graduated from high school.
80% of LW alumni are in college prep track programs, primarily at MPS. 50% of LW teachers were LW alumni.
42% of LW teachers were former MPS students, currently on the path to college.