Middle School  students doing a science project


Students at Blake love learning.

Their intellectual passion is ignited by faculty with content expertise, teaching savvy and a determination to nurture each child’s growth. Our rigorous curriculum continually challenges students to think critically and solve problems. Coursework also emphasizes an ethic of empathy and social responsibility. Students continually draw connections between what they learn and real-world experiences – their own and others’.

Blake students receive an excellent education in traditional core subjects: reading and writing, mathematics, science, social studies and languages. In every discipline, the curriculum teaches communication skills, cultural competency and analysis of local, regional and global issues. Athletics and the arts are central pursuits, challenging students to become creative problem-solvers and confident leaders. Top-notch facilities further enhance students’ Blake experience. No matter what careers students ultimately pursue, they graduate prepared to use their talents to the fullest to improve their world.

Lower School

Grades PreK-5
Blake Campus, Hopkins


Middle School

Grades 6-8
Blake Campus, Hopkins

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Upper School

Grades 9-12
Northrop Campus, Minneapolis


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