The Upper School theater department presents "Still Life with Iris," a fantastical adventure which centers on a little girl's search for the simplest of things: home.

Iris lives with her mom in the land of Nocturno—a magical place in which the workers make, by night, all of the things we see in the world by day and memories do not reside in people's minds but instead are kept in their coats. The rulers of Nocturno are determined to have the "best" of everything on their island—and therefore take Iris away from her home and bring her to Great Island to be their daughter. To ease the pain of this separation, they remove her coat, leaving her with no memory of her home or family. All that remains of Iris' past is a single button from her coat. Using the button as a clue, Iris joins with friends she meets on her journey to free herself. She returns to Nocturno, having found her past and her home.

Produced in special arrangement with the Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois. 

Friday, Nov. 19, 7:30pm
Saturday, Nov. 20, 7:30pm
Sunday, Nov. 21, 2pm (includes ASL interpretation)

Location: Macmillan Performing Arts Center, 110 Blake Rd S, Hopkins

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COVID SAFETY: Masks required for all audience members. All performers will be masked.