Legacy Day Spring 2022

Blake’s annual Convocation ceremony and service-based Legacy Day have traditionally been held together on one full day in the fall. Beginning this year, the two events will take place on separate days: Friday, Sept. 8 (Convocation) and Friday, April 12 (Legacy Day). All students, faculty and staff are expected to fully participate on both days. 

What is Convocation?
During the Convocation ceremony, all students, faculty and staff gather to mark the opening of a new school year. They celebrate traditions such as the class banner parade, welcome new community members and enjoy musical performances from Middle School and Upper School ensembles. The year’s Legacy Day service theme is also announced. Following the ceremony, legacy groups gather for an hour to reconnect or meet new members. 

What is Legacy Day?
Since 2006, Legacy Day has brought together Blake students, faculty, staff and volunteers to participate in service projects and other community-building activities. Students (in the past  from grades 1-12, now all grades PK-12), faculty and staff belong to a legacy group, made up of 17-20 members from different divisions and departments, which they reunite with every year on Legacy Day. The day ends with an all-school gathering in the gym to celebrate the accomplishments and the connections made. 

How are legacy groups formed?
Legacy groups are designated by one of four colors (blue, green, brown or white) and a group number (about 18-20 groups within each color). Color groups by class year are:

Blue—2024, 2028, 2032, 2036
Green—2025, 2029, 2033, 2037
Brown—2026, 2030, 2034, 2038
White—2027, 2031, 2035, 2039

Participants wear their group color during Convocation and Legacy Day. New this year: Students, faculty and staff are now welcome to wear their own shirt/outfit to match their group color. Legacy Day shirts will also be available. 

Why are Convocation and Legacy Day being held on separate days?
Separating Convocation and Legacy Day provides an additional opportunity for legacy group members to gather during the course of the school year, something many participants have requested. It also allows for better focus on the purpose of each event—celebrating a new year and community (Convocation) and the joy of being in service together (Legacy Day).

How will this affect my student’s school day?
All students will participate in this year’s Convocation ceremony, which will be held from 9 to 11 am on the Blake campus in Hopkins. Upper School students can be dropped off in Hopkins, or those who drive can come directly to hopkins. Shuttles will be available for those who prefer to be dropped off at Northrop. Following the event, students will return to their divisions for the remainder of the day and will have lunch on their own campus. Ninth and Tenth grade students will return to the Northrop Campus via bus. Eleventh and Twelfth grade students can drive themselves back to the Upper School. 
On Legacy Day in the spring, students in grades Pre-K-12 will participate in activities on the Blake campus in Hopkins from 8:45am to 12:15pm and will be dismissed following the event. 

Further questions?
Please contact Convocation and Legacy Day event coordinators Katie Code (kcode@blakeschool.org) or Lisa Sackreiter (lsackreiter@blakeschool.org).