Blake community members were invited to share their memories, thanks and best wishes with this year's retirees including Highcroft campus kindergarten teacher Kathryn Kaatz, who has served at Blake for 31 years.

"As the popular book says, 'all I really need to know, I learned in kindergarten...' Lucky for our family, our daughter had Ms. Kaatz as her kindergarten teacher at Highcroft. The transition to kindergarten can be a big step, especially if you came from a small intimate preschool. Our daughter was excited to be at Blake from the moment she attended her first orientation. Nevertheless, the world of kindergarten can pose new challenges and experiences. Ms. Kaatz was a fantastic mentor, friend and teacher. Our daughter and Ms. Kaatz developed a special bond. Ms. Kaatz' door, email and time were always open and available for a quick morning chat, short email or visit. The friendship, humor and kindness exhibited by Ms. Kaatz made the transition to Blake seamless. Ms. Kaatz wasn't just a teacher for our daughter, but also a partner to us, as parents. She exhibited the characteristics of someone truly passionate about her profession and deeply caring about nurturing the values and character of young people. Due in part to the care of Ms. Kaatz and her commitment to her students, our daughter has developed many important life skills, which I am confident she will continue to nurture during her years at Blake." —current parent

"Ms Kaatz was FUN! She made math games fun. She made learning fun! I loved how she did yoga. We even did snow yoga. I think it was called Snowga. She listened to me and told funny stories. I felt Ms. Kaatz was funner than any of my other teachers." —current student, class of 2031