Blake community members were invited to share their memories, thanks and best wishes with this year's retirees including Middle School teacher librarian Jen Post, who has served at Blake for 13 years.

"I remember when we had advisory olympics and we had bright orange shirts and bandanas as our colors. I don't think we won any competitions exactly, but we had a great time and I still remember how fun it was to all play together. I will remember coming into the library for advisory and just sinking into the lovesacs and talking with all of us. Thank you for those great memories, Ms. Post!" —current student, class of 2020

"Jen saw the importance of the Middle School library as a central hub of the school, both socially and academically. I've heard some refer to it as a student union. It is a welcoming space before, during and after school." —colleague

"When I was new to Blake, Ms. Post was always there to help me and guide me. This year, during camp, when we were on the high ropes course, she helped me overcome my fear and cross the ropes. Ms. Post, thank you for all the amazing memories and all the help you have given us!" —current student, class of 2023

"Jen, you single-handedly changed the way our entire community saw the library. You brought zest and vitality to a space that needed it. I wanted to curl up and read a book whenever I entered the room." —colleague

"I was new in sixth grade and having Ms. Post as an advisor really helped me adjust to life at Blake. My love for books and reading also made me really enjoy seeing and talking with her in the library every morning." —current student, class of 2022

"Thank you for being an advisor who helped me feel welcomed and settled into the Middle School during my sixth grade year. You always led with action. Your welcoming demeanor and helpful attitude were great examples of Blake's core values and the HARRT code. I hope wherever your endeavors take you, you get to touch many more lives like you did here." —current student, class of 2023

"I have enjoyed knowing Ms. Post as one her former advisees. I especially enjoyed the days in advisory when we all played Heads Up! and Taboo together. I have created a great relationship with her, and I am glad she was my advisor. Ms. Post has greatly contributed to Blake and I hope she spreads her love for books and positive attitude wherever else life takes her. Thank you Ms. Post!" —current student, class of 2022