Blake community members were invited to share their memories, thanks and best wishes with this year's retirees including Upper School college counselor and social studies teacher Frank Sachs, who has served at Blake for 37 years.

"Frank Sachs gave our three children the gift of a fine college education of their choice. He is a fine representative of The Blake School, and his retirement will leave a void in the leadership of the school. Frank, you are a mensch and are loved by our family!" —former parent and alumna, class of 1968

"Frank, thank you for supporting my sons as they worked through the college process. You were always available to answer questions and guide the boys. Enjoy retirement — you deserve it!" —former parent

"Mr Sachs was my college counselor and was one of the fiercest advocators on my behalf. I had a lofty goal of attending Georgetown. I think more than anyone else in my life at the time, including my own parents, he encouraged me to do all I could to actualize my goal. His guidance lit a spark in me that I didn't know how much I needed until it was lit. I personally know of many more students' lives that were shaped by his guidance and advocacy in the college admissions process. I wish him all the best in his retirement and will always fondly think of him as an instrumental part of shaping my future." —alumna, class of 1996

"My son loved your class. Thank you for your energy, guidance and inspiration. Wishing you joy and new discoveries in your next chapter." —former parent

"Mr. Sachs not only helped guide me through the college admissions process but also was the Quiz Bowl and Knowledge Bowl coach. I remember fondly working with him on strategies for both types of competitions and enjoyed going to the competitions. His guidance and his willingness to work with us made us a successful team throughout my high school career and gives me great memories of my time at Blake." —alumnus, class of 2003

"Frank Sachs is a phenomenal college counselor, and all our kids loved working with him. He brought such passion, experience, expertise and warmth to the process. He deftly balanced his role to provide encouragement and motivation on the one hand with providing a dose of reality and pragmatism on the other. He truly gets to know each advisee and gracefully helps each one find great fits among the vast universe of colleges. In the classroom, he paired his passion for teaching and the subject matter with a love of kids to be a truly exceptional teacher. Best of all, the relationships he built and fostered will carry on for decades. We are so thankful for all Frank has done for our whole family!" —current parent and alumnus, class of 1981

"Dear Mr. Sachs, You're a rockstar! You've made a lasting impact on my son, as a teacher, as a coach and perhaps most important as his college counselor. Thank you so much for all your wisdom, honestly and genuine care for his path in life. Another son was so fortunate to have you as his AP government teacher. I know you've made a lasting positive mark on him too. Best of luck to you in your next venture." —current parent

"He was a great college counselor! He was always available when I needed advice or just wanted to chat about the college process. I wouldn't be where I am today without him! We will miss him!" —alumna, class of 2016

"Mr. Sachs was such an amazing mentor for me throughout high school. I was very involved with Forum, and Mr. Sachs was the faculty co-chair of Forum. He always had such a positive attitude and brought a smile to my face every time I saw him. I am so grateful to have had a faculty mentor like Mr. Sachs at Blake. Best of luck in retirement!" —alumnus, class of 2018

"I want to wish a happy retirement to Mr. Sachs. I was fortunate enough to have him as both a college counselor and constitutional studies teacher. As a college counselor, his knowledge of each school and his relationship with their admissions offices helped guide me down a path to an amazing experience at Wake Forest. Even to this day, I find myself thinking back on his phrase, "College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won." While I certainly found this true at Wake Forest, I think it applies to many other things in life as well. I thank Mr. Sachs for imparting that wisdom on me. As a constitutional studies teacher, I was constantly engaged with his high-energy, intensely passionate lectures and discussions. I truly believe that class helped me fully develop a love of learning. Throughout that course, I saw a teacher who poured everything he had into creating a fulfilling class for 15 high schoolers. For that, I am extremely grateful, and I will always look back on that class as a source of inspiration. Thank you Frank Sachs for a wonderfully impactful career at The Blake School." —alumnus, class of 2014

"Frank Sachs' dedication to the college counseling process and advice helped me get into a university that has helped me grow and shaped my life immensely. I'm incredibly grateful for this and for his presence in the Blake community. Thank you, Mr. Sachs!" —alumna, class of 2013