Trustee Blake Board of Trustees Nominations

The Governance Committee of the Board of Trustees seeks interested community members to serve on a committee of the board beginning in fall 2021. Committee service provides members with an opportunity to learn about an area of the school and to help enact the board’s fiduciary and strategic functions at the committee level.

Nominations are invited for community members who support the mission and strategic priorities of the school and who would bring active engagement, diverse perspectives and constructive participation to their committee’s work. Nearly all trustees serve in a committee-only capacity before being considered for the Board.

Individuals may recommend others or nominate themselves. Please submit nominations to Chief Advancement Officer Rebecca Schubring by Friday, Dec. 4. She may be contacted at 952-988-3432 or for further information.

Please see below for the qualities and experience sought in committee members.

Board of Trustees at Blake

The Governance Committee of the Blake Board of Trustees is responsible for identifying individuals qualified to serve as committee-only members and to serve as trustees. The Governance Committee considers candidates recommended from a variety of sources and community constituents. The Governance Committee considers many factors and qualifications before recommending candidates to serve on a board committee or the board. The board and Governance Committee require all committee members and Blake trustees to:

  • support the mission and strategic priorities of the school;
  • possess demonstrated leadership qualities;
  • participate constructively in committee and board meetings;
  • contribute financial support to the Blake Fund and the school's special fundraising campaigns.

In addition to these core attributes, the Governance Committee considers the nominee’s knowledge, skills and experience in relation to the needs of the board, including in areas such as finance, marketing, fundraising or strategic operations. Moreover, to ensure the board and its committees benefit from diverse perspectives reflective of the school's community and its commitment to pluralism, the Governance Committee seeks nominees from a variety of backgrounds and lived experiences.