MN Scholastic Art Awards

The Minnesota Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2024 have been announced. A total of seven Upper School students received art awards and 11 Middle School students garnered writing awards. 

Arts Awards were earned by: 
Taylor Forster ’25–Honorable Mention, painting, “Thanks for Shopping”
Gabby Geer ’27–Silver Key, expanded projects, “Sailing Through Time”
Madeleine Hou ’26—Silver Key, drawing and illustration, “How Dare You” 
Isabella Miller ’27—Honorable Mention, painting, “Devastation of Youth”
William Mitchell ’25—Silver Key, drawing and illustration, “GASGASGASGASGAS”
Carson Rosenbaum ’25—Gold Key, drawing and illustration, “Engineered Chaos”; Honorable Mention, drawing and illustration, “Dead Leaves”; Honorable Mention, drawing and illustration, “Tim”
Jane Stanchfield ’26—Gold Key, ceramics and glass, “Spiraling Iris” WINNER OF NATIONAL SILVER KEY

All Silver and Gold Key winners were invited to display their artwork in the 2024 Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards exhibit, which ran throughout June in the Regis West Gallery of University of Minnesota’s Weisman Art Museum.

Writing Award entries in the competition were awarded one of the following distinctions: 

Gold Key: Writing demonstrating the highest levels of achievement in originality, personal vision/voice and technical skill. Gold Key writing is forwarded to New York City for national adjudication. Students are recognized with Gold Key lapel pins and certificates. 
Silver Key: Writing demonstrating achievement worthy of recognition at the regional level. Students are recognized with Silver Key lapel pins and certificates.
Honorable Mention: Art or writing demonstrating creative potential.

Congratulations to the following award recipients:
Garrick Bennett ’28—Silver Key in flash fiction, “The Sad Boy”
Clare Dunbar ’28—Honorable Mention in flash fiction, “Bloom Again”
Tyler Harki ’28—Honorable Mention in flash fiction, “Got Him”
Isaiah Jacob ’28—Gold Key in flash fiction, “Golden Toy”
Sam Jones ’28—Honorable Mention in flash fiction, “A Life Unlived”
Victoria Li ’28—Honorable Mention in flash fiction, “Sailing for the Kings Remedy”
Leighton Matney ’28—Gold Key in flash fiction, “The Harbor”
Nora Shay ’28—Silver Key in flash fiction, “Daisies for Maman
Suna Sosseh ’28—Silver Key in flash fiction, “The Cliff at the Edge of the Orchard”
Simone Templeton ’28—Honorable Mention in critical essay, “Voter Suppression Essay”
Alex Zantop ’28—Silver Key in flash fiction, “All and Others”