Strategic Plan

Upper School students working on project in class

The Blake School mission, our core values and our commitment to pluralism provide the foundation and direction for the school's future. By pursuing the goals identified in this plan, Blake seeks to instantiate its core values and realize its mission in every dimension of our school.

These goals build on the important progress made in implementing key initiatives of Blake 2015, the school's strategic plan of 2010-15. We continue to build on this progress as we also redefine the strategic planning process itself. Excellence Accelerated: A Strategic Plan for Blake is a living, evolving document that both reflects and projects The Blake School's priorities. In this plan's annual reexamination, we adopt an attentive and nimble strategic posture toward Blake's present and future.

Focusing on four major areas of our educational community, Excellence Accelerated: A Strategic Plan for Blake sets forth the following goals.