Lexicon for Pluralism

Teacher talking to class

A common, working language facilitates greater communication, deepening our understanding of each other, our ideals, pedagogy, curriculum and practices. This list of terms is designed to help establish a shared understanding of the ideas essential to our pluralistic community. No list can be comprehensive, and we recognize that both denotation and connotation change over time. We will iterate this lexicon to reflect the evolution of the community’s needs, current practices and aspirations. In 2018-19, Blake’s Common Language Task Force developed this lexicon reflecting the school’s commitment to pluralism.

Sources for these definitions include the ADL, American Psychological Association, GLSEN, Dr. Mitchell Hammer, Lakeside School, Middlebury College, National Association of Independent Schools, Dr. Eboo Patel, Seattle University, UNESCO, University of Houston, and World Savvy.