Bear Pause Archives

Bear Pause is a Q&A featuring members of the Blake community. Please send recommendations of alumni, students, parents, and employees you'd like to see featured to

Bear Pause: Skylar Wang '22

Skylar Wang ʼ22 has just completed her seven-year run with Blake. She plans to attend Yale in the fall and spend her four years relishing New Haven apizza. 

Catherine Hua Blake class of 2013

Catherine Hua ʼ13 is an Android engineer living in Northern Virginia. In her off-time, she’s trying new foods, visiting new cities and working up a sweat, likely with her camera in tow. 

Bear Pause: Addison Anderson '19

Addison Anderson ʼ19 majors in elementary education at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, and plans to get out of the Midwest as soon as she graduates.

Aren Faruq '96

Aren Faruq '96 turns the pages of his children’s bedtime stories long after they’ve fallen asleep. Discover what books are keeping Aren up at night and more.

Bear Pause: Libby Franchot '17

Libby Franchot ʼ17 works as a financial advisor and is always looking for new adventures. Her favorite superhero is Batman, but her true hero doesn’t live in a cave. 

Valerie Golden class of 1972 Northrop Bear Pause

After many years living on the East Coast, Valerie Golden ʼ72 returned to Minneapolis to establish a private practice in clinical psychology and psychoanalysis.

Bear Pause: Joe Kyle '14

Joe Kyle ʼ14 is an artist and designer from St. Paul, currently pursuing a Master in Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Paul Sebastien Bear Pause

Paul Sebastien ʼ87 finds himself oscillating somewhere between Silicon Valley crypto-blockchain libertarian and forest-bathing Marin naturalist.

Amanda McGovern class of 1983 Bear Pause

Amanda McGovern ʼ83 is an international lawyer living in Miami, Florida. She’s thrilled one of her three children is headed to UW-Madison so she can head north again.

Erik Aamoth Class of 1990 Bear Pause

Erik Aamoth ʼ90 lives in Plymouth with his wife and two sons. He finds the characters in “Parks and Recreation” relatable and would particularly like to meet Ron Swanson.

Yolanda Pauly Bear Pause Class of 2021

When she’s not dancing or finding ways to incorporate dance into all aspects of her life, you'll find Yolanda Pauly '21 with her cuddly cat Buttercup. 

Natalie Owens Pike Bear Pause

Natalie Owens-Pike ʼ07 is a canoe enthusiast, connector of people and second-career grad student. She recently moved to New Haven with her husband, Alex, and would love to connect with Blake Bears in the area. 

James Ly class of 2020 Bear Pause

As a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, James' dream of becoming a race car driver has taken a back seat to other interests. 

Alison Al Bye class of 2012 Bear Pause

Allison Bye ‘12 can be found hiking throughout our national park system and working on her natural landscape portfolio while simultaneously trying to ascend into Mrs. Frizzle.

George Karos 1993 Bear Pause

George Karos '93 is grateful to be back in Minnesota with his wife, two girls and two shichons, even though he's faced with his childhood at every turn. 

Bear Pause: Dayna WongPoe '76

Dayna WongPoe ‘76 has worked in the learning and development field for Alaska Airlines for more than 35 years. She asks everyone to have courage and to be kind every day. 

Bear Pause: Jan and Lee Woolman

Jan and Lee Woolman retired from Blake in June 2008 and have enjoyed traveling, volunteering, film festivals and various other cultural events—but they especially love interacting with their four grandchildren