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David Graham social studies Bear Pause Upper School

When he's not trying to figure out what his dogs are thinking, you might catch David Graham ‘85 daydreaming about Grand Marais’ World’s Best Donuts. 

Sovady Phe Huston Bear Pause Alumni

Sovady Phe Huston '98 loves to spend time with her husband and kids, which turns out to be a blessing as they practice “Safer at Home.”

Brennan Greene Bear Pause

Brennan Greene ‘01 is the owner of Birch's on the Lake Brewhouse and Supperclub and Birch’s Lowertown. He married his high school sweetheart, Natasha Corver Greene ‘01, with whom he has two beautiful girls.

Simone Maddox Bear Pause

Simone Maddox ‘15 graduated last spring from Rice University and is now a Ph.D. student at the University of Minnesota studying the evolution of birds.

Steve Slovick Bear Pause

Steve Slovick ‘84 owns a successful global consulting firm. Last year, he and his family circumnavigated the globe, hitting 30 countries and learning all the way. 

Kathryn Malhotra Bear Pause

Kathryn Davis Malhotra '05 lives and works in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Though her global health career has taken her to far places, she still considers Minneapolis home.

Adam Dachis Bear Pause

Adam Dachis '02 lives and works as a technology writer in Los Angeles, but to save time he programmed his website to write for itself. If that's the strangest thing you've read today, tomorrow will surely surprise you.

Dharani Persaud '13

Dharani Persaud ‘13 works in Boston as the youth and community programs coordinator for GrubStreet. When she's not at work, you can find Dharani attempting to pet other people's dogs.

Mark Webster Jr '01

Mark Webster Jr. ‘01 owns, operates and manages the only Fatburger Food Truck in Los Angeles, where on a typical day he and his crew flip 150 burgers an hour.

Billie Pritzker '08

Billie Pritzker '08 is a rising businesswoman who enjoys dogs, cooking and telling everyone she meets how great the Twin Cities are.

Bear Pause: Phil Ahern '69

Happily retired since 2009, Phil Ahern '69 lives with his partner Heidi in Eden Prairie with frequent visits to Tucson, Estes Park and Delray Beach.

David Jadin

David Jadin '06 is pursuing his Ph.D. in education policy and leadership and hopes to make an impact on apathetic young students everywhere.

Milanda Landis

After six years on the East Coast, Milanda Landis '08 is thrilled to be re-discovering the Twin Cities for the first time since high school.