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Bear Pause is a Q&A featuring members of the Blake community. Please send recommendations of alumni, students, parents, and employees you'd like to see featured to

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Vasiliki Papanikolopoulos

You’ll find Vasiliki Papanikolopoulos ʼ12 exploring the aisles of a mercado in Richfield, visiting her favorite antique store in Northeast Minneapolis or even at an 80-year-old pet store in downtown St. Paul. 

Craig Swanson

When he's not hard at work helping to reduce pollution, Craig Swanson '84 spends time with his wife, Larey ʼ84, and children, Serena ʼ17, Savannah ʼ17 and Craig Jr.

Kelly Prchal Engage Venture Partners

Kelly Ohman Prchal ’00 is a healthcare consultant and co-founder of Engage Venture Partners. She lives with her husband and daughters on a hobby farm in Orono, Minnesota.

Bear Pause: Kelly Corcoran Smith '98

Kelly Corcoran Smith ʼ98 is on hiatus from his international ice skating tour days, focusing instead on the domestic market and skating choreography and also coaching Blake's figure skating team.

Ann Ford class of 2008 Bear Pause

Ann Ford ʼ08 lives in Mid-Michigan, loves cooking, hiking and shark movies and is always open to hot sauce recommendations.

Conway Yung

Like many of us, Conway Yung ’02 is navigating life with a sense of humor and would like to remind everyone that acerbic wit and repartee will only get you so far, especially in Fort Worth, Texas.

Julia Soplop

Julia Connors Soplop ʼ00 is a science writer and photographer whose latest book, “Information Crisis,” will be published in 2024. She lives with her husband and three daughters outside of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Jeff Goldenberg '83

When he’s not planning a Blake reunion, Jeff Goldenberg ʼ83 can be most easily found at his payroll/HR company, Press Gold Group, along the shore of a Minneapolis lake or lounging on his hammock.

Scott Diamond

A lover of his Minnesota sports teams and a diehard Longhorn, Scott Diamond '87 considers himself a jack of all trades and master of none.

Annika Gutzke

Annika Gutzke ʼ19 is a recent Macalester graduate and now a kindergarten teacher who loves being in nature and creating art.

Bear Pause: Bryan Black '90

Since graduating from Blake, Bryan (Barton) Black ʼ90 has immersed himself in the arts, landing jobs at the Walker Arts Center, as a sound designer for Prince and as a songwriter for Depeche Mode, in addition to starting his own band.

Bear Pause: Eva Druskin '15

Having two teachers as parents, Eva Druskin ʼ15 seemed almost destined to work in an educational setting, but she briefly considered a career in tax(idermy). 

Mayank Keshaviah

Mayank Keshaviah ʼ92 has lived a number of lives: from biking around Europe for eight months, to working on a Wall Street trading desk, to teaching third grade, to writing an off-Broadway play. These days, he lives in Los Angeles as a stay-at-home dad in search of his next career and his true passion.

Bear Pause: Helen Raynolds Anderson '40

What’s it like to live to 100? Helen Raynolds Anderson ’40 reached that milestone this December. Although she uses a wheelchair, people find it difficult to believe she is a century old. Read on to learn why. 

Bear Pause: Zoe Feldshon '21

Zoe Feldshon ʼ21 is a sophomore at Northeastern University and a coxswain on the men's rowing team. When she's not at practice or studying, you can find her dogsitting or on the hunt for the best burrito bowl.

David Schall

David Schall ʼ72 lives in Edina and invests in real estate for his family, including his mom, sisters and their significant others. He's been mistaken for "Gladiator" Russell Crowe more than once.

Sarah Weinshel

Sarah Weinshel ʼ18 graduated from Swarthmore College, where she studied biology and art history. She is pursuing a Master of Philosophy in genetics at the University of Cambridge and excited to spend a year abroad.

Bear Pause: Skylar Wang '22

Skylar Wang ʼ22 has just completed her seven-year run with Blake. She plans to attend Yale in the fall and spend her four years relishing New Haven apizza.