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Bear Pause is a Q&A featuring members of the Blake community. Please send recommendations of alumni, students, parents, and employees you'd like to see featured to

Bear Pause: Phil Ahern '69

Happily retired since 2009, Phil Ahern '69 lives with his partner Heidi in Eden Prairie with frequent visits to Tucson, Estes Park and Delray Beach.

Jenner Stevens

Jenner Ginkel Stevens '94 lives in Edina with her husband and two children. She is still trying to figure out what she wants to do when she grows up.

David Jadin

David Jadin '06 is pursuing his Ph.D. in education policy and leadership and hopes to make an impact on apathetic young students everywhere.

Bear Pause: Libby Carrier Doran '85

Though her childhood ambitions of being First Lady never materialized, Libby Carrier Doran '85 has found success in an executive branch of sorts.

Milanda Landis

After six years on the East Coast, Milanda Landis '08 is thrilled to be re-discovering the Twin Cities for the first time since high school.


Olympia '31 enjoys coloring, eating mac and cheese and playing with her brother. If she could choose one magical power it would be to do whatever she wants. Good choice.

Peter Ormond

Peter Ormand '01 has been living in New York City since his freshman year of college, but this self-styled "Eclectic Wanderer" enjoys straying far from home.

Steven Nye '18

When he's not upside down in an airplane, Steven Nye '18 enjoys watching, filming and editing documentaries.

Kip Dooley

Kip Dooley '08 studies investigative and multimedia journalism at American University in Washington, D.C., where he is loving the East Coast city life.

Kate Jackson '88

Kate Jackson '88 lives and works in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, and owns Ensō Wellbeing Coaching. Breakfast isn't her favorite meal, but she wouldn't turn down a bowl of split pea soup in the morning.

Blaine Crawford '13

Blaine Crawford '13 recently moved back to Minneapolis after graduating from the University of Chicago. He remains an avid sports fan and passionate lifelong learner.

Terri Carlson

Terri Carlson '64 spends her time at sports activities for her six grandsons and volunteering for a diverse range of organizations. She can even find the fun in an April blizzard.

Beth Davis '07

Beth Davis '07 recently graduated from medical school and is about to start her residency at the University of Minnesota, an accomplishment undoubtedly fueled with the help of coffee and popcorn.


According to Catherine '30, the best part about kindergarten is riding the bus, playing at recess and seeing her older cousins.

Bear Pause: Andrea Ravich '02

Andrea Ravich '02 lives and works in Minneapolis as a lawyer and consultant. She's an improv comedian with a serious love for Axl Rose.