Web site Guidelines

I. Mission of The Blake School Website
To foster and strengthen relationships throughout the greater Blake community (local and global) through online interconnectivity — consistently providing relevant access and information to its students, teachers, parents and friends — past, present and future.

II. Website Content Criteria
Members of The Blake School community are encouraged to submit content for publication on the School's website. Submissions will be considered for web publication if it:

  1. Promotes and supports the mission of The Blake School.
  2. Targets one or more constituent groups of The Blake School (students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and prospective families).
  3. Shows respect for its subject matter.
  4. Follows Submission Criteria for Text listed below.
  5. Follows Submission Criteria for Images listed below.
  6. Complies with applicable copyright law. To assure compliance, contributors must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Blake Website Manager that:
    1. the submitted material is their original work in its entirety; or
    2. they have permission of the copyright holder of submitted material to publish the work on The Blake School's website; or
    3. the submitted material is in public domain.
    4. Complies with the Rules and Policies for Virtual Blake, incorporated herein by reference.
    5. Complies with Blake’s Communications & Identification Guidelines, incorporated herein by reference.

In the interest of ensuring the safety of all members of our extended community, the use and/or posting of personal information (such as home and/or cell phone numbers, home addresses and personal e-mail addresses) is strongly discouraged. Only with specific approval by the Director of Marketing & Communications will such information be posted. We remind everyone that all information posted online, regardless of whether in a secure site or public site, HTML or pdf, can be accessed and will be cached by systems indefinitely.

Submissions that do not meet these criteria will be returned to the contributor. All submissions are subject to approval by Blake’s Website Manager or Director of Marketing & Communications.

A. Text

  1. The contributor is responsible for accuracy of spelling, appropriate grammar and timeliness.
  2. Text must be submitted as WORD, AppleWorks or text document, or as a web-appropriate PDF. Other electronic forms may be used with prior approval from the Website Manager.
B. Images/Photos
  1. Images may be submitted in electronic form (jpgs preferred).
  2. The image filename should indicate the file format of the image by including the appropriate three letter extension listed here: MyWebImage.jpg (jpg), MyWebImage.tif (tif), MyWebImage.gif (gif).
  3. Captions are strongly encouraged for images.
  4. We encourage a maximum limit of ten images for events and subjects, other than student work or photo galleries.

C. Procedures
Please allow three to five working days from the time Website Manager receives material for it to be posted. Exceptions to this rule include emergency and/or time sensitive information.

Contributors may submit content in one of four ways:

  1. E-mail as file attachment to Laura Mattson at lmattson@blakeschool.org.
  2. Place in lmattson fileserver space on MAMABEAR. Please notify Laura Mattson via e-mail when you have placed material in her fileserver space. This method is recommended when document file size exceeds one megabyte.
  3. US mail to residential address listed for Laura Mattson in the paper version of The Blake School Directory.
  4. If you want something to look exactly as it has been printed, we recommend creating a PDF document. This PDF can be e-mailed to the Website Manager for posting.

Note: Please submit all materials relating to Blake’s athletic program to Lindsay Youngdahl, sports information director, at

D. Length of Time Online and Archiving
Web material will remain posted on the School’s site as appropriate, in general:

  1. Art work and/or class projects will remain on site for a maximum of two years. The authors/contributors to such pages are responsible for reviewing the content on at least an annual basis to make appropriate updates or request removal of outdated material.
  2. Athletic information remains on the site for a period of four years.
  3. Event announcements will be removed as soon as the event is completed