Logo Guidelines

The Blake logo makes an important first visual impression of what The Blake School stands for and both logo and our name instantly identifies a communication or material as from, or of, the School. As one of Blake’s most easily identifiable and (ideally) consistent cues, the thoughtful use of the logo and our name reinforces and strengthens the School’s image with every use. In addition, a logo is considered a primary, albeit intangible, asset of the School and can be attributed a value that proper use will enhance and increase. The logo and name, and what they appear upon, is as important as our actions and our words; their use should always be consistent with the mission and image of the School.

The following guidelines have been developed to provide direction on the appropriate use of The Blake School logo. While protective in nature, they also are intended to clarify usage as well as to take the guesswork out of how and when to use the logo(s).

Note: The Blake open oval logo was developed in 1999 in the context of work done to refine and reinforce what makes Blake unique (dynamic, open, founded on traditions/heritage of three).

For any questions regarding the use of The Blake School logo please contact Cathy McLane, Director of Marketing & Communications, at 952/988-3434.

Part One: The Blake School Logo

Given the importance and value of the logo to the School, parameters for the application of the logo (how it is used and applied to gear, merchandise, communications, etc.) are very important. Before production, all logo use MUST be approved by the Cathy McLane, Director of Marketing & Communications at least two weeks prior to production. See Approval Form.

In every application, the Blake logo must have an area of isolation (“control area”) equal to the width of the “SCH”. Invading the control area with words or graphic elements is not appropriate.

See also Usage: Applications below.

3. LOGO ELEMENTS: Specific
The logo will always be used in its entirety, specifically “The Blake School”, “1900” and the oval should never be used individually.

Primary typeface for logo and branded communications in print are: Chaparral Pro Regular and Scala Sans Regular.

Primary typeface for logo and brand communications online/electronic are: Georgia Regular and Arial Regular.

PMS colors of the oval logo are (NO EXCEPTIONS):
        Blue PMS #287
        Green PMS #348

(These are to be used on coated and uncoated stock)

The logo may be reproduced in Black and/or White.

The logo may be reproduced in one color, using either Blue PMS #287 or Green PMS #348.

All versions of the Blake logo may be reproduced on light-colored backgrounds.

When used on a dark background, reversing out the logo in White only is permitted.

6. USAGE: Size
The Blake School logo may be reproduced in any size as long as proportions and clarity are controlled.

7. USAGE: Applications
Appropriate use of the logo include:
        School-endorsed, authored and/or produced communications (e.g. posters, programs, ads, etc.
        School-sponsored events, programs, items, uniforms, etc.

Inappropriate use of the logo includes:
        Any use that distorts image or invades control space.
        Any use that involves typefaces or colors other than those listed above.
        Using the logo instead of reference in copy (short cut).
        Applying to items not endorsed or approved by the School.

Note: the logo and/or “The Blake School” phrase may be modified for adjunct programs ONLY with the express permission of the Director of Communications.

8. USAGE: Tone
The application of the logo can enhance, or detract from, the tone and message of a piece. As such, usage in both traditional and non-traditional applications will also be evaluated on appropriate tone, look and feel.

Appropriate tone includes:
        Intelligent, articulate, straightforward
        Welcoming, inclusive, approachable
        Witty, humorous
        Dynamic, energetic


“THE BLAKE SCHOOL” type can be used in lieu of the oval logo ONLY with the following parameters:
        All upper case
        Type face: PALATINO
        All three words are always included.

BEAR – the Blake Bear (multiple executions) is permitted as a distinct mark/graphic. Note: Use of bear image(s), as with all other elements, must be approved by Director of Communications and Director of Athletics. See Usage: Tone above for additional “bear” parameters.

BEARWEAR/Boosters – Bearwear and its accompanying logo/style is managed by the Blake Boosters. Any/all use of Bearware styles or logo outside of Booster programs must be approved by Director of Communications and the President of Parent Association.

LEARNINGWORKS – Use of the LearningWorks logo and logo elements (e.g. stars) is reserved expressly for the LearningWorks program. Use of the logo or elements thereof must be approved by Director of Communications and Director of LearningWorks.

BEAR TRACKS – Bear tracks/paws are permitted as distinct marks or graphics. Note: bears have five toes! Keep in mind bear tracks must not invade logo control area.

The line “Challenging the mind, engaging the heart” is the School’s motto and can be used in conjunction with the logo.