Communications Identification Guidelines

Updated July 2011

In partnership with students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff, the School has established the following guidelines regarding photographs and identification thereof for internal and external communication programs. The guidelines are intended to protect the privacy and security of all School community members as well as ensure the integrity of the School’s image in the community. The Blake communication programs referred to include:

  • Internal/current community – Yearbook(s), memory books, class videos, teacher/classroom pages, etc.
  • Internal/all community – the Bulletin, eParent News, Annual Giving Report, etc.
  • External – Public relations/media, advertising, the website, online photo gallery, social media, summer programs, etc.

Photographs of The Blake School community members – including students, parents, alumni/ae, faculty, staff – are used in School internal and external communication programs. Identification of photographs may or may not include first and/or last name as specifically requested by parent, guardian or the individual. See exception/Note #1.

Note #1 – Website: Student first names ONLY are used when referring to student news, work or images, grades Pre-K through 7. Mentions of student news, work or images grades 8 through 12 may include first and/or last names (e.g., athletic references, awards, etc.).

Note #2 – Social Media: The Blake School cannot be held responsible for material (photos, video, audio) placed without its knowledge or permission online on personal websites, social media sites (such as Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Picassa) or other external media. We strongly encourage all community members to:

  1. Consider setting security parameters around any such posting, allowing family and Blake friends access only. For example, if posting a videotape of a son or daughter’s sharing program on YouTube, be sure post as “private” for viewing by invitation (e-mail) only.
  2. Respect the privacy of others and unless specific permission is provided, provide NO IDENTIFICATION (or first names only) of any online posting (photos, video, audio).
  3. Be mindful of any and all potential copyright issues, for example videotaping copyrighted performances.
  4. In keeping with Blake’s core values, the use of social media (private and public) is expected to be respectful at all times. Please refer to Blake’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) as found in the All-School Policies.

Please know Blake strongly discourages online socializing between staff and students, keeping in mind the uneven power dynamics of a school (in which adults have authority over students). Blake employees are expected to act in a manner that always respects and never exploits the power differential inherent in these relationships.

For additional tips and considerations regarding social media, please visit the social media section of BlakeNet/Parent section.

Note #3 – Media/Public Relations: All external PR efforts are managed through the Office of Communications, safeguarding the privacy of the School community as well as the integrity of the School image. All visiting media personnel must be approved, sign in and be accompanied on campus visits by authorized School personnel.

Note #4 – Visitors/non-Blake students: The Blake School has many visitors during the course of the school year, and students from other schools participate in many of its events and activities. Photography of these events will be used both internally and externally, and with appropriate identification, as feasible.

If you have a special request, any questions or concerns regarding these guidelines, please contact the director of marketing and communications at (952) 988-3434.

Please note: Any information you can provide the School, specifically your child(ren)’s teachers, regarding your identification concerns will be greatly appreciated and held in strict confidence. Understanding your concerns helps us better plan for the students and react appropriately in all situations. Please contact the director of marketing and communications at (952) 988-3434 with any questions or concerns.