Blake Parent Association

Welcome to the Blake Parent Association!
The Blake Parent Association – of which every parent is a member – is the heart and engine of virtually all volunteer efforts at Blake and a key ingredient to our collective success as an extraordinarily committed and caring community. It is hard to imagine what Blake would look like without the dedication, talent and enthusiasm of our volunteers.

Our Goals
To promote a positive sense of welcome and build a strong sense of community among Blake parents; to provide a strong communications link between parents and the school; to support the school with assistance in the classroom and with administrative tasks and school activities; and to raise funds to enhance the Blake School experience for all of our students.

Getting Involved!
Volunteer Now – it's one of the best ways to connect with other parents, guardians, students, teachers and administrators. Whether you are a new family to Blake or have been here for years, I invite and encourage you to dive into the Parent Association activities to make the 2014-15 school year as welcoming and rewarding as possible. There are all kinds of volunteer opportunities to fit your availability, big or small, whether it is during the day, evening or weekend.

Each year, the Parent Association’s volunteer efforts generate proceeds to support Blake. Last year, the Better Blake Initiative was created (a pool of funds raised by the biennial Blake Classic and the sale of BearWear) to benefit the entire school across all three campuses and all areas: academics, athletics and arts. The Parent Association invites anyone in the Blake community to make a suggestion for the annual allocation of BBI proceeds.

By logging into BlakeNet, Blake’s password protected portal, you can update your contact information and access the online directory, general forms, division-specific communications and reminders, and a detailed Parent Association section. You will also find a link to NetClassroom, where you can access your student’s class schedule, grades, registration and billing information.

On behalf of the Blake Parent Association, I welcome and encourage your participation and thank you for all that you do and all that you give!

Susan Hitchner
President, The Blake Parent Association

Please note: All Parent-Association operational information--including forms, bylaws, job descriptions, executive committee member lists, and other materials--has moved to BlakeNet. You can access them here.