Effective Teaching Initiative

Overview of the Faculty Performance Evaluation Program at Blake
At Blake, we recognize that over the course of a career, all teachers benefit from annual goal-setting, reflection about their practice, peer observation and feedback, student and/or parent feedback, frequent conversations about teaching, professional development and written administrative feedback. We have adopted and modified the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Effective Teaching to help us focus our data-gathering, feedback and professional development resources on those aspects of teacher practice that research indicates correlate most highly to improved student learning.

The Teacher Performance Evaluation program at Blake is generally referred to as ETI (for Effective Teaching Initiative) and occurs annually but is constructed to operate in three-year cycles. For a teacher new to Blake, the first three years are known as the Entry Level (EL) cycle. There is a more intense review during a given teacher’s very first year at Blake, which is equivalent to the “Enhanced Performance Review” (EPR) that occurs later in the teacher’s career with the school. There are additional Entry Level reviews during year two and three. If a teacher successfully completes his or her third year of reviews, he or she is offered an ongoing contract.

Teachers with on-going contracts receive annual written evaluations. In addition, every third-year faculty receives an “Enhanced Performance Review” (EPR) conducted by the divisional supervisor and the appropriate PK-12 department chair. During this review, supervisors conduct planning and reflection conferences, formal and informal classroom observations, and collect survey data from students. Teachers also submit a portfolio of work as evidence of their progress toward completing their goals.

The first cycle after completing the entry-level sequence is called EPR 1. Teachers successfully completing EPR 1 are moved from Lane 1 to Lane 2 of the compensation scale. At the end of EPR 2 (which comes at the conclusion of the next three-year cycle), teachers are eligible to receive a performance recognition award. These awards are paid out once a year for three years.

The amount of the award is determined by the Head of School based on the size of the Faculty Excellence Fund and the number of faculty participating in the program. Awards are based on meeting teaching criteria outlined in the Danielson Framework and for overall contributions to our community.

Blake sets a very high bar for its teachers. Given the three-year entry-level process and the three-year EPR 1 process, Blake teachers who successfully complete EPR 2 are already a select group of educators. Teachers who do not receive a performance recognition payment but maintain their employment at Blake are still considered strong teachers. Teachers who fall below the standards set for Blake faculty will be placed on assessment or probation and will be considered to have not successfully completed EPR.

Note to Faculty: materials formerly located on this page can now be accessed through the link called "Faculty Portal" or by accessing the Moodle page titled Faculty: Professional Development and Evaluation in the Faculty/Staff directory on Moodle.