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Hockey: Girls Varsity

Season Record: 29-2

Team Schedule Home games are in bold

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Date Opponent   Start Time Bus Time Result/Info
11/8 Academy of Holy Angels (Scrimmage) Home 9:00am      
11/11 Totino-Grace (Scrimmage) Home 3:45pm      
11/13 Blaine (Scrimmage) Home 3:45pm      
11/15 Silver Bay (Game) Away 3:00pm 3:45:00 PM 10-1 Highlights
11/22 New Prague (Game) Away 7:00pm   10-0 Highlights
11/28 Breck School (Tournament) Away 6:00pm   3-2 Highlights
11/29 Edina High School (Tournament) Away 6:00pm   5-0 Highlights
12/2 Henry Sibley (Game) Away 7:30pm   10-2 Highlights
12/5 Team Photos Home 7:00pm     Info
12/9 Minnehaha Academy (Game) Home 7:30pm   10-2 W
12/11 Andover (Game) Home 7:30pm   5-1 Highlights
12/13 SPA/Visitation (Game) Away 4:00pm   8-0 Highlights
12/19 Holy Family / Waconia (Game) Home 5:30pm   10-0 W
12/23 Cretin-Derham Hall (Game) Away 7:30pm   7-1 Highlights
12/27 St. Paul Blades (Game) Away 7:30pm   8-0 W
1/1 Hibbing (Tournament) Away 2:15pm   5-1 W
1/2 Roseville Area High School (Tournament) Away 5:00pm   1-4 L
1/3 So. St. Paul (Tournament) Away     4-0 W
1/10 Novas (Game) Home 3:00pm   9-2 W
1/13 Irondale High School (Game) Home 7:30pm   2-1 W (OT)
1/17 St. Paul Blades (Game) Home 3:00pm   11-0 Highlights
1/20 Holy Family / Waconia (Game) Home 5:30pm   12-0 Highlights
1/22 Wayzata (Game) Home 7:30pm   7-0 W
1/24 Owatonna High School (Game) Home 11:30am   9-0 Highlights
1/27 Novas (Game) Away 7:30pm   9-0 Highlights
1/31 Breck School (Game) Away 5:15pm   3-4 L
2/3 Minnehaha Academy (Game) Away 7:00pm   7-0 Highlights
2/5 Minnetonka (Game) Home 5:30pm   5-4 Highlights
2/7 SPA/Visitation (Game) Home 3:00pm   7-0 Highlights
2/10 Edina High School (Scrimmage) Away 4:15pm     Info
2/12 Holy Family Catholic (Section) Away 5:30pm   9-0 W
2/17 Orono (Section) Away 5:30pm   12-3 W
2/21 Breck School (Section) Away 4:00pm   4-2 W
2/25 New Ulm High School (State Tournament) Away 6:00pm   9-0 W
2/27 Mahtomedi (State Tournament) Away 1:00pm   7-0 W
2/28 Warroad High School (State Tournament) Away 12:00pm   4-3 W