Visual Arts

Blake's visual art program strives to create a rich foundation in the arts based upon art history, aesthetic awareness, art production, and art criticism – this in students pre-kindergarten through grade 12. Elements of art are introduced and studied using various artists, cultural groups, and art forms. Students are challenged to integrate the concepts of each lesson into creative works of their own. Engagement of students in the artistic process includes whole group and small group discussions with value placed on individual interpretation. Critiques, one-on-one conversations, discussions, artistic creations, sketchbooks and digital portfolios are used to assess learning based on age/grade.

In the Middle School, acquire skill and confidence as artists. This ability evolves even further at the Upper School through studies of various artists, cultural groups, and art forms.  It is our goal that after faithful engagement in the visual arts, students will develop more confidence exploring their unique ideas, and will recognize how participation in the visual arts enrich the quality of their lives. We teach students to see the world with their own eyes, and respond to it with well-crafted, confident, visual expression.

For more information, please contact Christine Saunders, PK-12 Department Chair for the Arts, at 952-988-3724 .