Blake's PK-12 music program is a student-centered, enactive approach to developing musical understanding. Exploration and analysis of musical elements, structures, and procedures as they are encountered leads to skill development and conscious understanding. Students learn to shape their own expressive ideas to create unique and satisfying musical outcomes.

At Lower School, Blake's music program has two components: a classroom general music program for all students and an optional, supplemental strings program. Pre-kindergarten through fifth grade students have weekly, small group violin or cello lessons that are scheduled around lunch time for pre-kindergarten and during general music class periods for all other grades. First through fifth grade students also practice with a larger violin or cello ensemble once or twice a month. Note-reading class, in which students study reading, writing and playing written music on their instrument, begins in fourth grade. Strings students perform periodically throughout the year for various audiences.

For more information, please contact Christine Saunders, PK-12 Department Chair for the Arts, at 952-988-3724 .