Endowed Gifts

Endowment gifts provide the School with reliable investment earnings in perpetuity to respond with stability and creativity to each year’s needs. The principal of the endowment fund remains intact while the school draws a percentage of the interest income to offset operating expenditures. As the endowment grows, so do the funds available each year from the draw. This helps take pressure off the School’s annual operating budget — currently with a draw that is equal to about 6% of the yearly revenue total.

The endowment fund provides long-term security for the School while funding things like professional development, program initiatives, endowed chairs and financial aid. Built through a series of special campaigns, the establishment of endowed scholarship funds and program initiatives, and significant class gifts, the Endowment Fund provides a solid basis of support for the School. This fund ensures that programming that makes Blake so unique and strong will always be secure.

For more information about the Blake endowment, contact Director of Donor Relations Marlin Rothe at mrothe@blakeschool.org.