Lower School Academics

Blake is dedicated to developing in its youngest students a passion for learning that will serve them throughout their lives. Students at the Lower School level are encouraged to play with, practice, connect, synthesize and apply new understandings in an environment where it's safe to take risks, where effort is recognized and where there is room for everyone to succeed.


Lower School Lessons

  • Elisa Berry Fonseca displaying Highcroft student collaborated art

    Artists-in-Residence: Extending the Educational Experience

    Christine Saunders, PK-12 Arts Department Chair

    At Blake, we consider all students to be emerging artists -- whether in the realm of visual arts, music, theater or communications and debate. We are privileged to house an arts faculty who are not only transformational educators but also practicing artists in their own disciplines.

  • Chris Passi, 3rd Grade Teacher & Math Curriculum Implementation Specialist

    Math in Focus: An Update

    World renowned Singapore Math expert Dr. Yeap Ban Har will present "Singapore at Blake" at Blake's Math Information Night for Blake parents on Monday, Nov. 4 at 7pm in the Bovey Chapel. To learn more about Blake's transition to Math in Focus, please read this detailed article by third grade teacher and math implementation specialist Chris Passi.

  • Heart Day on the Hill

    Blake first and fifth grade students joined members of the American Heart Association in the 2013 Day on the Hill which included a trip to the state capitol and a visit to Governor Dayton. Preparations began the week prior with a visit by AHA government relations director, Justin Bell, as well as time making valentine day cards for the governor to help show support and raise awareness.

  • Setting Sail in Kindergarten

    Building Community in Kindergarten - Is it Child's Play?

    Blake Kindergarten Teachers

    What are the building blocks necessary for creating a strong classroom community? Read more about the ways that kindergarten teachers and students celebrate individuality while setting the stage for a respectful, dynamic learning community.

  • Tending the Gardens of Community, Democracy and Citizenship

    Sherry Faubion, Lower School Assistant Director

    At The Blake School, we believe that community, democracy and citizenship can never be left untended. That’s why we work to build strong citizens with strong bonds of community. Every day. All day long.

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