The Blake School Graduation Requirements

Total credits needed to graduate: twenty-two
Minimum course load: five courses each semester

Departmental Requirements

COMMUNICATION: Psychology of Communications is required for all students during grade twelve. Two semesters of Advanced Debate may be taken in lieu of Psychology of Communication. An assembly speech is required of all students during grade twelve and will be given during the semester Psychology of Communication is taken.

ARTS: Four semesters total during grades nine through twelve. Students are encouraged to take courses from at least two of the Arts disciplines.

ENGLISH: World Literature (ninth grade), American Literature (tenth grade), AP English Literature (grade eleven,) and at least one English course each semester in twelfth grade.

MODERN AND CLASSICAL LANGUAGE: Satisfactory completion of Level III of one language and study of that language through the end of sophomore year.

MATHEMATICS: A minimum of four semesters of mathematics at The Blake School and successful completion of Algebra II and Geometry 11. Strong recommendation for continuing the study of mathematics during grades eleven and twelve.

HEALTH: Sophomores will enroll in Health.

ATHLETICS: Participation as a playing member of a Blake athletic team for one season during both grades nine and ten. Students involved in a significant and ongoing individual sport or physical activity may petition the Athletic Director to use this sport or activity to fulfill the athletic requirement.

SCIENCE: Introductory Biology (ninth grade) and at least one semester of chemistry and one semester of physics sometime during grades ten, eleven, or twelve. Continued science in the junior and senior year is strongly recommended.

SOCIAL STUDIES: World Cultures (ninth grade), US History (tenth grade), and at least two semesters of social studies electives in eleventh and twelfth grade. Students must take at least one American social science course and one International course during grades eleven and twelve.

SENIOR PROGRAM: This is graduation requirement for students during the fourth quarter of their senior year. Seniors may pursue an approved program for the entire fourth quarter or the final three weeks of the year.